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Going Deeper into Tiered Pricing

Most businesses are on tiered merchant accounts, which can offer a variety of rates when it comes to the type of transaction and payment method used. Tiered merchant accounts work on something called “Qualification” to determine which rate tier a merchant’s transaction falls into. The “Qualifications” are implemented by the credit card processors. The word […]

Understanding Interchange Plus Pricing

Until recently, Interchange plus pricing accounts have only been open to businesses with High Transaction Volumes. However, in an effort to benefit all our clients regardless of their size, we have made this pricing structure available based on their needs and business model, not on their processing value. Interchange is the direct cost of credit […]

5 Tips to Protect Your Company from Credit Card Fraud

Processing credit cards is pretty much a given for any kind of business these days. Unfortunately, cyber-criminals are well aware of the increase usage of credit card payments. Nilson expects that by 2020, credit card fraud will result in over $31 billion in losses. It is important to understand that credit card fraud is a […]